Oreo Pudding

Oreo Pudding is a yummy dessert with a delightful blend of oreo biscuits , cake and creams. This dessert is going to be a winner – be it any occasion. Just give it a try and you are gonna enjoy the complimentary comments from your guests!


  1. Oreo biscuits – 12
  2. milk – 1 cup (250 ml)
  3. condensed milk/ milk maid –  1/2 tin (180gm)
  4. whipping cream sachet / dream whip – 2 sachets
  5. chocolate / vanilla cake – 1 packet
  6. Tin cream – 2 tins (170 gm each)

Method :

Step 1 : Combine condensed milk , cream , whipping cream powder and milk in a blender


  Step 2 : Crush oreo biscuits with hand . Add it to the above cream mixture

   Step 3 : In a pudding tray , arrange the slices of cake and cover the base.


Step  4:  Pour half of the oreo- cream mixture.


Step 5 : Again place the cake slices and pour the remaining half of the oreo- cream mixture



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