Aloo Poori / Potato Poori

Aloo Poori / Potato poori is soft & spicy deep fried Indian bread made with potatoes and wheat flour ,flavored with spices. Pooris are one of the famous Indian breakfasts and Aloo Poori makes it even more delicious and fantastic breakfast.It is so flavorful that it doesn’t need any curry; just curd or pickle is more than enough as accompaniment. The poori comes out really soft ; the softness remains for long hours and so it is a good option for lunch boxes too.


  1. Potato – 2 medium (approx.200gms)
  2. Atta / wheat flour – 2 cups
  3. chilly powder – 1 teaspoon
  4. coriander powder – 1/4 teaspoon
  5. turmeric powder – 1/4 teaspoon
  6. jeera – 1/2 teaspoon (crushed)
  7. coriander leaves – 2 tablespoon
  8. oil – 1 tablespoon
  9. salt – 1 teaspoon
  10. water
  11. oil – for deep frying

Method :

  • Peel ,wash and cut the potatoes. Cook it with water , salt and a pinch of turmeric in a pressure cooker for 2 whistles on high flame. Let it cool. Then mash it well (until no lumps are left) .
  • Take a mixing bowl. Transfer mashed potatoes, atta , Chilly powder , coriander powder, jeera powder , turmeric powder , salt, finely chopped coriander leaves, oil . mix all these ingredients well.
  • Then knead it into a soft dough by adding warm water little by little. Apply a teaspoon of oil. Cover and let it rest for about 30 minutes
  • Make balls and roll it out to make poori
  • Heat enough oil in a kadai. When the oil is hot , drop the poori one by one and deep fry until it is golden brown on both the sides.

Soft and delicious Aloo ki Poori is ready!!! serve it hot and Enjoy!!!

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