Vegetarian weekly plan – week #1

Planning ahead for the entire week , helps in buying things needed and saves time. Buying veggies and other things which are needed only for that week will help us not waste our food.

Here we share a simple weekly meal plan for vegetarians.

Grocery list:

Onion, tomato, ladies finger, vegetables for sambar, coriander leaves, curry leaves, mint leaves, palak leaves, Dosa batter, grated coconut, Paneer, mushroom, bread, egg, sprouts, potato, bread, fruits for smoothies and snack time.

Make sure you have the following:

Rava ( semolina), rice, urad dal, dosa rice, chana, toor dal, moong dal, wheat atta, puttu powder, pasta, whole moong for sprouting

Add dry fruits in daily diet. Include sprouts in salads, poriyals.

DAY 1:

Breakfast: Rava upma
Lunch: Rice, sambar, cabbage poriyal, any sabzi
Dinner: Idli with sambar/ Roti with leftover sabzi

DAY 2:
Breakfast: Dosa with Coconut Chutney ( use left over sambar)
Lunch: Vegetable fried rice from left over rice/ fresh rice, paneer semi dry .
Dinner: Roti with paneer semi dry ( make more roti dough for breakfast poori)(Soak chana for next day)

DAY 3:
Breakfast: Poori with One pot Aaloo bhaji (Potato bhaji)
Lunch: Rice, Kadi/ mor kuzambu, palak thoran.
Dinner: Roti with left over potato bhaji

Day 4:
Breakfast: Vegetable pasta
Lunch: Jeera pulao, Mashroom gravy, Raita. ( prepare for appam batter)
Dinner: Jeera pulao/ Roti , Mushroom gravy.

Day 5:
Breakfast: Poha ( soak moong for sprouting)
Lunch: Rice, any kind of dal fry, Bhindi fry / Okra fry
Dinner: Appam , vegetable stew/ Egg drop masala/ gravy
Day 6:
Breakfast : Puttu with kadala curry/ dhokla
Lunch: Veg biriyani,, kachumbar raita, pappad
Dinner: Pav bhaji/ Mumbai street food pav bhaji

Day 7:
Breakfast :Smoothie bowl with fresh fruits n dry fruits
Lunch: South indian thali ( poori, rice, sambar, rasam, thoran, buttermilk, payasam)
Dinner: Moong sprouts/ green gram sprouts salad
Click on the HIGHLIGHTED dishes for the recipe.

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