Veg / Non-veg weekly plan – week #3

Grocery list : Onions, tomatoes , green chilly, ginger, garlic, coconut , chickpea/chana, corn , potato , drumstick, carrot , ladies finger, beans ,capsicum, cucumber, mushroom, coriander leaves,green peas;; fish ,chicken , mutton, egg, yoghurt,milk, pasta,bread

Make sure you have the following : white rice and urid dhal(for dosa batter),parboiled rice, basmati rice, paththir powder(to make semiya and kakka roti) , atta ,maida,semolina/rava,sambar powder

Include dry fruits and fresh fruits in your daily diet
Day 1:

Breakfast: masala dosa

Lunch: rice with black eyed bean and egg masala. (Also compliment it with pappad and buttermilk)

Dinner: Kheema Paratha
Day 2:

Breakfast: Mangalore buns / banana poori

lunch: Paneer pulao

Dinner: Paneer tikka roll
Day 3:

Breakfast: Cornflakes with berries or any of your favourite fruits

lunch: White rice with Chicken in coconut gravy and Chicken Chilly

Dinner: Rumali Roti with leftover curry and chilly
Day 4:

Breakfast: vegetable bread toast

lunch: Kushka with mutton curry and Cucumber Raita

Dinner: Paththir with leftover mutton curry and salad
Day 5:

Breakfast: Creamy Chicken Pasta

lunch: Boiled rice with dal curry and fish fry

Dinner: Appam with Vegetable stew
Day 6:

Breakfast: Puttu with banana and honey or with leftover vegetable kurma

lunch: Chicken Biryani with curd and pickle

Dinner: Vada pav / Mumbai street food vada pav
Day 7:

Breakfast: vada with Tomato chutney

lunch: Vegetable fried rice with Chilli garlic prawns

Dinner: Neer dosa with Chutney or left over chilly garlic prawn


Click on the HIGHLIGHTED dishes for the recipe

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