Veg weekly plan – week #3

Grocery list: Green peas, paneer, kabuli chana, bread, pav bun, bhindi, potato, onion, tomato, green chilly, coriander leaves, mint leaves, vegetables for sambar and stew, banana for banana poori, yoghurt, gobhi, noodles, capsicum, spring onion, eggs, black eyed bean.

Make sure you have the following : wheat flour, semolina, corn flakes, Dosa batter, rice, urad dal, dosa rice for appam,

Include dry fruits and fresh fruits in your daily diet.

Day 1:

Breakfast : Green peas upma, chutney

Lunch: Paneer pulao , any raita, pickle, pappad ( marinate paneer for tikka )

Dinner : Paneer tikka roll ( soak chana for next day)

Day 2:

Breakfast : Cornflakes with mixed berries

Lunch : Rice with Chana masala

Dinner : Batoora & Chana masala


Day 3:

Breakfast : cheesy veggie toast, strawberry smoothie

Lunch : Rice, dal, Bhindi fry / Okra fry, onion raita.

Dinner : Vada pav / Mumbai street food vada pav  ( soak rice for dosa)

Day 4:

Breakfast: Banana poori

Lunch : Tawa pulao ( from left over rice), pickle, raita

Dinner : Uttappam with Chutney & tomato thokku


Day 5:

Breakfast:  Masala dosa with Sambar & Chutney

Lunch : Rice, samabr & gobhi fry ( keep some cauliflower for paratha)

Dinner: Gobhi paratha

Day 6:

Breakfast : Idli & sambar

Lunch : vegetable noodles

Dinner : Idli chilly

Day 7:

Breakfast : Finger sandwich / mayo sandwich

Lunch : Rice. black eyed beans curry, egg masala, rasam, pappad

Dinner : Appam with Vegetable stew

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