Square Chapathi

When you are bored of the same normal chapathi for every other meal, make it with a twist and have it with your favorite curry.


  1. Atta / wheat flour – 2 cups
  2. salt
  3. oil
  4. ghee
  5. water

Method :
Step 1: Knead atta with salt and water into a smooth dough. Apply 1 teaspoon oil and keep it covered for 10-15 minutes . Make into balls.

step 1

Step 2: Flatten out a ball.

Step 3 : Apply ghee on it.

Step 4 : Now fold it into a square shape

Step 5 : Flatten it out again.

Step 6 : Heat a pan . Cook the chapathi with little ghee until it is golden brown on both the sides.

Square Chapatti is ready! Serve it hot with Veg curry or Non veg curry


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