Veg weekly plan – week #5

Grocery list : Fruits of your choice, Onion, tomato,  potato, ginger, garlic, coriander leaves, mint leaves, curry leaves, palak leaves, methi leaves, salad vegetables, vegetables for sambar & pulao, mushroom, cauliflower, black eye beans, black chick peas, paneer, pav bun, yoghurt, grated coconut, coconut milk powder, white chick peas, whole moong.

Make sure you have the following : Idli rice, white rice, urad dal, puttu powder, wheat flour, semolina, basmati rice, jeera rice, whole spices, spice powders.

Include fruits & dry fruits in your daily diet. Its a best option for mid meal snacks.

Day 1 : 

Breakfast : Idli with Udupi style sambar

Lunch : Rice, sambar, black eyed bean stir fry, potato chips, salad

Dinner : Puttu with Kadala curry

Day 2 :

Breakfast : Masala dosa with Coconut Chutney.

Lunch : Rice, left over kadala curry, palak poriyal , Mushroom pepper fry & pickle.

Dinner : Poori with One pot Aaloo bhaji (Potato bhaji)

Day 3:

Breakfast : Rava upma|uppittu  with chutney.

Lunch : Tomato Rice with cucumber raita.

Dinner : Methi Paratha , Moong sprouts/ green gram sprouts salad

Day 4 : 

Breakfast : Methi poori from left over paratha dough.

Lunch : Ghee rice , dal, paneer fry.

Dinner : Paneer nuggets , Cheesy garlic bread.


Day 5 : 

Breakfast : Banana Bread

Lunch : Jeera pulaoMatar paneer & salad.

Dinner : Chilly Chana chaat

Day 6:

Breakfast : Kalthappam (unsweetened)

Lunch : Vegetable pulao , gobhi chilly & raita

Dinner : Roti, Gobi Chilly

Day 7 : 

Breakfast : Palak cheese paratha

Lunch : Palak Pulao, raita

Dinner : Vada pav / Mumbai street food vada pav

Have a great week ahead!

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