Meatball Noodles

This is a delicious Meatball Noodles recipe in which meatballs are dipped in tangy sauce and combined with egg noodles. I have added in veggies like carrot, green and red bell pepper. But it is completely optional. Adding eggs gives additional nutritional value ,especially if you are serving it to kids. Eggs can be avoided ,if you don’t like it ; this meatball noodles still taste delicious.

Preparation time : 20 minutes

Cooking time :40 minutes


  1. Spaghetti / noodles – 200 gms
  2. eggs – 3
  3. garlic – 3 cloves (finely chopped)
  4. spring onion – 1
  5. Onion – 1
  6. chicken stock (optional ) – 1 cube
  7. soy sauce – 2.5 tablespoon
  8. ketchup – 4 tablespoon
  9. thai chilly sauce – 2.5 teaspoon
  10. vinegar – 1 tablespoon
  11. salt , pepper
  12. butter – 1 stick
  13. carrot – 1/2 (julienne cut) (optional)
  14. green/red bell peppers – 1/4 each (julienne cut) (optional)

For meatballs :

  1. Chicken mince – 250 gms
  2. Cashew nuts – 1 tablespoon
  3. Onion – 1
  4. Lemon  – 1
  5. Jeera powder – 2 teaspoon
  6. Red Chilly powder – 1 tablespoon
  7. salt
  8. coriander leaves – 2 tablespoon
  9. egg – 1
  10. Cheese – 3-4 tablespoon (grated )
  11. Oil

Method :

To make meatballs :

1: Grind together cashew nuts, onion , lemon juice , jeera powder , chilly powder, coriander leaves and salt. Transfer it into a mixing bowl.

2: Add chicken mince to it.combine well.

3:Whisk egg in a seperate bowl  and add to the above chicken mince mixture. Finally add some grated cheese. Mix well. Make lemon sized balls.

4:Heat oil for deep frying in a kadai. Deep fry the meatballs. Keep it aside.

To make egg noodles :

1 : Heat water in a vessel .when it starts boiling, add enough salt and 1 tablespoon oil. Add in spaghetti and cook until it is done.

2: Drain it well and run cold/normal water on to it (so that the spaghetti don’t stick to each other)

3 : Whisk eggs well in a bowl with pepper and salt. Heat 1/2 tablespoon of butter in a pan. Pour the whisked egg and scramble it. Now combine noodles with the scrambled egg. Remove from flame.

Note : avoid step 3 if you don’t wish to add eggs.

Combine meatballs and noodles:

1: Heat butter in a pan. fry garlic for a minute.Add in spring onion and red onion. Saute for a couple of minutes.Add chicken stock cube(optional).

2: Add carrots and bell peppers. Saute in high flame for 5-6 minutes as veggies should be crispy.

3: Add in soy sauce , vinegar , ketchup and chilly sauce . Combine very well.

4 : Toss prepared meatballs into the above sauce. Give it a good stir so that sauce combines well with the meatballs.

5:  Add cooked egg noodles to the above and give it a good mix. Finally add a teaspoon of butter and keep in low flame for 5 minutes.

A very delicious meatball noodles is ready! serve and enjoy!

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