Toffee Pudding

Toffee Pudding is a very elegant dessert . the main ingredient here is Caramelized condensed milk. Layers of cakes, nuts and biscuits just add the richness to the pudding.

Preparation time :  45 minutes  (to make toffee) + 20 minutes

Setting time : 2 hours

Ingredients :

  1. Condensed milk/milk maid –  1 tin (397gm)
  2. Cream – 2 tin (170gm each)
  3. vanilla cake – just enough to cover the base
  4. Almond – 25-30
  5. cashew nuts – 25 – 30
  6. hide and seek biscuit – for garnishing

Method :

Step 1 :  to make toffee  out of condensed milk / caramelize condensed milk 

Remove the label form the tin. Place condensed milk tin inside the pressure cooker (without opening the tin) . Pour water upto the height of the tin.(the can should be under the water ). Switch on the gas , heat on high flame until 1 whistle. Then lower the flame and heat for about 30 minutes. (CAUTION : open the pressure cooker only after it is completely cooled down; about after 2 hours or so)

once it is cooled, open the pressure cooker. Open the condensed milk tin. You will see the condensed milk is turned into toffee


Step 2 :

Now  blend the prepared toffee and cream together using a beater very well

Step 3 :

Dry roast almonds and cashew nuts in a frying pan until nice aroma comes. Once it is cooled, powder it . Keep it aside.

Step 4 :

Take a pudding tray. Pour a little toffee – cream mixture (just enough to wet) at the bottom of the tray.


Step 5:

slice the cake and arrange it to cover the pudding tray.


Step 6 :

Now again pour a little of toffee- cream mixture on top to cover the cake,


Step 7 :

Then put the powdered almond and cashew nuts on top.


Step 8 :

Now, pour the remaining toffee- cream mixture fully . Spread it evenly.


Step 9 :

Finally, decorate it with hand crushed hide and seek biscuit


Refrigerate it for at least 2-3 hours. Serve it chill.

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2 thoughts

  1. Toffee pudding luks yum.. Which cream is to b used… 1 tin is hw much ml.. Plz cn u make it clear


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