Fruits custard

An easy and delicious dessert ever is the classic custard. Adding fruits to this creamy delicious custard fits all occasions, be it ifthar or get togethers.

Cooking time : 10 minutes

Ingredients : 

Milk – 1.5 cups + 0.5 cup ( total 2 cups/500 ml)

Custard powder – 2 tablespoons

Sugar – 6 teaspoons, or as per your taste

Fruits – 1 cup finely chopped ( apple, banana , pomegranate etc )

Method : 

In a bowl, add custard powder to 0.5 cup of milk and stir well to form a lump free smooth cream.

Heat 1.5 cups of milk in a pan. When it reaches the boiling point , add sugar and stir.

When the milk starts boiling,  lower the flame and add the prepared smooth cream.

Keep stirring for few minutes till the custard thickens.

Switch off the flame. Let it cool to room temperature.

Keep the custard in refrigerator for half n hour or more.

Add chopped fruits to the chilled custard and serve 🙂

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