Ginger – Garlic Paste

Ginger- garlic paste is a staple in Indian kitchen . It is used in everyday cooking (almost). Traditionally , ginger and garlic are freshly crushed or ground as per need and used. But, nowadays everybody wants to make their cooking easy . So making this paste in bulk and storing it make the cooking easier and fast.

In my recipe, I used oil which act as a natural preservative. Some also add salt or turmeric ;but I feel oil is good enough because it makes the grinding easier as well as enhances the aroma of the paste.

This ginger-garlic paste remains fresh in the refrigerator for upto one and half month and upto 6 months in the freezer. What I usually do is, store a little in a small glass jar in the refrigerator (the quantity required for 2 weeks or so) and then the excess I store in the freezer. When the paste in small jar gets over, I refill it from the one stored in the freezer.



  1. ginger – 400 gms
  2. garlic – 400 gms
  3. oil – 1/3 cup

Method :

  • Peel the skin off garlic and ginger. Cut the ginger into small pieces


  • Grind them little by little in a grinder by gradually adding oil to a smooth paste.


  • Transfer it to an air tight glass jar and store it in refrigerator / freezer






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