Fruit custard delight

Fruit custard delight, a small upgrade to our regular fruit custard. We usually have fruits or fruits custard in our ifthar menu. How about giving a little makeover to them & make it look fancy and taste absolutely delicious.

I made this recipe randomly  just like Dalgona pudding, for Ifthar and we all loved it. Hence sharing this b2dplate original recipe with you all.

This dessert with just mango was a superhit and got lots of positive feedbacks in our insta page b2d_plate.


Ingredients : 

  • Custard – made of 500 ml milk
  • Good day or Marie biscuit – 1 pack
  • Ghee/ butter – 2 tbsp
  • Fresh cream/ tin cream – 2 tbsp
  • Condensed milk/ sugar – 2 tbsp
  • Fruits – banana/ mango/ mixed fruits
  • Chopped nuts – handful for garnish.

Method :

  1. Make custard in a regular method. Heat 450 ml milk, add 3 – 4 tbsp sugar. Mix heaped 2 tbsp custard powder in 50ml milk ( 3 tbsp ) and pour to the boiling milk. Mix well till milk thickens. Let it cool to room temp.

2. Crush biscuits & ghee/ butter in a blender & keep aside.

3. In the same blender, add cream & condensed milk ( or sugar), blend  till well combined.

4. Take  dessert bowls . Layer the crushed biscuit mix at the base. press lightly using spoon.

5. Pour the custard over it as 2nd layer.

6. Chop the fruits and arrange over the custard as 3rd layer.

7. Pour the cream mix from step 3, over the fruits as 4th layer.

8. Garnish with chopped nuts.

9. Keep the bowls in the refrigerator for an hour.

A delightful fruits custard is ready to serve. Enjoy 🙂


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