Mango milkshake

Its summer and the summer fruit mango is available everywhere. Mango is a fruit which we love in any form. The raw mango with salt and chilly powder itself is irresistible.  Do try this Raw Mango Chutney (khatti meethi)  recipe too.

Mango is our family favorite fruits. In this hot weather we love to have chilled mango milkshake. I make milkshake just by blending the mango with milk. However you can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it thick, rich and creamy.

Also you can use either chilled milk or add ice cubes while blending.

Serves : 4

Ingredients : 

  • Mango –  1, ripe and sweet
  • Milk – 4 cups , chilled
  • Sugar –  4 tbsp or as required

Method : 

  1. Add mango chunks to the blender and make puree.
  2. Add sugar, chilled milk and blend well.

Serve this smooth and rich milkshake to your loved ones. Have a lovely day 🙂


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