Veg / Non-veg weekly plan – week #6

Grocery list : Onions, tomatoes , green chilly, ginger, garlic, coconut, carrot, capsicum, cucumber, vellery, veggies poriyal and salad,potato, coriander leaves, curry leaves ;;banana, berries, fruits of your choice ;; fish , chicken , mutton, mutton mince, prawns, egg, paneer,  yoghurt,milk, pasta, mozzarella cheese, brown/ white bread , chickpeas, peanuts, moong bean, oats, tortilla wrap ,bulgar wheat, puffed rice (kurlu)

Make sure you have the following : white rice and urid dhal(for dosa batter), jeera rice, parboiled rice, basmati rice , atta ,maida , semolina, vermicelli,  sambar powder , mustard seeds,spices ,baking powder, vanilla essence.

Include dry fruits and fresh fruits in your daily diet

Day 1:

BreakfastBanana pancake with berries

Lunch : Steamed rice with Vellery curry , raw banana fry and boiled egg

DinnerPaneer Wrap

Day 2:

Breakfast: Brown bread with Egg muffins , dates

Lunch : Chicken Oats | Oats haleem

Dinner : Chicken Casserole

Day 3:

BreakfastInstant wheat flour dosa with Fish curry

Lunch : matter rice , fish curry , veg poriyal , Rava fish fry

DinnerKisir Turkish salad

Day 4:

Breakfast: Biscuit Roti , walnut

LunchSaffron rice with mutton nihari, salad

DinnerBaked meat kabab with roti,salad

Day 5:

BreakfastChicken vermicelli , watermelon

LunchJeera rice Malai kofta , salad

DinnerBoiled charmuri

Day 6:

BreakfastIdli sandwich Blueberry cake , cucumber

LunchBurnt garlic rice , Dynamite prawns

Dinner : dosa with One pot pindi chole

Day 7:

Breakfast : Poori with left over chole (from previous night)

LunchChicken Kabsa

DinnerMoong sprouts/ green gram sprouts salad

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