Veg weekly plan – week #6

Grocery list : Onion, tomato, pumpkin, brinjal, ginger, garlic, potato,  coriander leaves, parsley leaves, curry leaves, spring onion, salad vegetables, vegetables for thali, biryani, green peas, lemon, olives, mushroom, paneer, banana, blueberries, walnut , fruits of your choice, yoghurt, grated coconut, coconut milk powder, white chickpeas, whole moong , peanuts, french fries( or potato) , bulgar wheat, kuboos, tortilla wraps, eggs , cream (fresh or tin) , rice flakes (poha),  butter

Make sure you have the following : Idli rice, white rice, urad dal, toor dal, wheat flour, maida (all purpose flour), semolina, basmati rice, whole spices, spice powders , mozzarella cheese , oil, jaggery, mayonnaise, ketchup , baking powder, vanilla essence.

Include fruits & dry fruits in your daily diet. Its a best option for mid meal snacks.

Day 1:

BreakfastPumpkin pancake topped with banana and walnuts

Lunch : Pumpkin pasta

Dinner : Paneer Wrap 

Day 2:

BreakfastVegetable Poha

Lunch : white rice , Khatta Baingan , Baingan Masala , curd

DinnerPizza fries

Day 3:

BreakfastBiscuit Roti , walnut

LunchMatar Pulao/ Peas Pulao

DinnerCream of mushroom soup

Day 4:

Breakfast : Idiyappam / Nool Puttu with sweetened coconut milk

LunchBisi bele bath

Dinner: Lemon idiyappam (with leftover idiyappam from breakfast)

Day 5:

BreakfastAloo Cheela / Potato Pancake

LunchVeg thali

DinnerKisir Turkish salad

Day 6:

Breakfast : Idli sandwich , Blueberry cake , cucumber

Lunch :  curd rice

Dinner : Dosa with One pot pindi chole

Day 7:

Breakfast : poori with leftover chole

LunchVegetable biriyani with curd , pappad

DinnerKuboos chaat

Have a wonderful week !

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