Nadan Kozhi Curry / traditional Chicken Curry

Nadan Kozhi Curry is one of the recipes that I learned when I was a beginner in cooking. This traditional chicken curry is made in Kasaragod style ; and none other than my mom taught it. This chicken curry is made with minimal and easily available ingredients at home. Moreover , it requires very less effort and gets ready quickly. Another advantage is that, you can make mulak curry (spicy curry) as well as thenga curry (coconut gravy) in one go. Isn’t it great !

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Nadan Kozhi Curry :-


Preparation time : 10 minutes

Cook time : 20 minutes


  1. Chicken – 1 kg
  2. Whole Red chilli –  10 or red chilli powder – 2 tablespoon
  3. Coriander seeds – 2 tablespoon or coriander powder – 1.5 tablespoon
  4. Turmeric powder – 1 teaspoon
  5. salt
  6. garlic – 1 clove
  7. Coconut grated – 1 cup
  8. onion – 2 medium
  9. Tomato – 2 big
  10. oil, ghee
  11. curry leaves – 1 sprig

Method :

Step 1 : Cut and clean the chicken well.

Step 2 : In a pan, dry roast red chillies and coriander seeds until nice aroma comes. Remove from flame. Let it cool. Blend it with water to a smooth paste. Now add water to your consistency(about 1/4 – 1/2 cup) and blend again.Add 1 clove of garlic and give a final blend for 5 seconds.

Step 3 : Now transfer this masala paste to a pan. Also add in sliced onions, tomatoes, turmeric powder and salt. Boil the gravy until tomatoes are well cooked (around 5-7 minutes).

Step 4 : Add the chicken pieces. Cook covered until chicken is done.

Step 5 : Meanwhile, dry roast grated coconut in a pan until it turns light brown. Once it is cooled, blend it to a smooth paste with little water.

Step 6 : once the chicken is done, add the coconut paste to the chicken gravy. Let it boil well.

Step 7 : In another pan, add 1-2 tablespoon ghee , deep fry 1 medium onion. When it is about to turn deep brown, add in curry leaves too. remove from flame when the onion slices turn dark brown. pour this to the above gravy.

Note :

  • To make ‘nadan chicken mulak curry’ (Traditional chicken spicy curry), just avoid adding coconut. That is, Avoid steps 5 and 6.
  • If you wish to have both spicy and coconut gravy , then remove spicy curry (from step 4) as much as required to a serving bowl or container. To the remaining gravy, do the steps 5 and 6.
  • Finally, do step 7 and pour on both the curries.

Both the curries can be served with rice , parotta , pathir, puri , dosa, idli etc

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Here, nadan kozhi curry is paired with rice and Ney Pathiri . Also seen in the pic is Mutton Dry Roast.

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