Vegetarian week plan

Grocery list: Onion, tomato, Ladies finger, Brinjal, vegetables for sambar, Dosa batter, coconut, Paneer, pasta, mushroom, bread, egg, sprouts.

Make sure you have the following: Rava, rice, urad dal, dosa rice, chana, toor dal, moong dal, wheat atta, puttu powder.

Add dry fruits in daily diet.

DAY 1:

Breakfast: Rava upma

Lunch: Rice, sambar, cabbage/aloo sabzi, bindi dry.

Dinner: Idli with sambar/ Roti with leftover sabzi


DAY 2:

Breakfast: Dosa with Coconut Chutney ( use left over sambar)

Lunch:Vegetable fried rice from left over rice/ fresh rice, paneer semi dry . (Soak chana for next day)

Dinner: Roti with paneer semi dry ( make more roti dough for breakfast poori)


DAY 3:

Breakfast: Poori with chole

Lunch: ( Left over poori n chole ) / Rice, Kadi/ mor kuzambu, palak thoran.

Dinner: Vegetable sandwich ( plain/ grilled) / Roti with left over kadi n thoran.


Day 4:

Breakfast: Vegetable pasta

Lunch: Jeera pulao, Mashroom gravy, Raita. ( prepare for appam batter)

Dinner: Jeera pulao/ Roti , Mushroom gravy.

Day 5:

Breakfast: Poha

Lunch: Rice, any kind of dal fry, brinjal dry.

Dinner: Appam , vegetable stew/ ( Egg gravy )

Day 6:

Breakfast : Puttu with kadala curry/ dhokla

Lunch: Veg biriyani, kachumber raita, pappad and some dessert

Dinner: Left over biriyani, kachumbar salad.


Day 7:

Breakfast : Cereals/oats/ bread n scrambled egg

Lunch: South indian thali ( poori, rice, sambar, rasam, thoran, buttermilk, payasam)

Dinner: Left over items, sprout Salad with any dressing.