Butter Pudding

Butter Pudding is yet another easy-peasy , utterly- butterly ‘ pudding . The flavor and aroma of butter is really worth enjoying every lick .Its so quick to make that it can be prepared in no time. Just blend all the ingredients together and let it set. Garnish it with powdered nuts (roasted , caramelized or plain)  , crushed biscuits or chocolate shavings




Preparation time : 15 minutes

Ingredients :

  1. Butter – 100gms
  2. condensed milk – 1 tin (397 gm)
  3. cream  – 1 tin (170 gm)
  4. whipping cream powder – 1 sachet
  5. milk – 500 ml
  6. gelatin – 2.5 tablespoon

Method :

Step 1 : Heat a pan. Melt 100gms butter until it turns brown color and nice aroma comes . Let it cool. (note : If you do not have whipping cream powder , just add 3-4 tablespoon sugar while melting butter.)


Step 2 :  Boil 1/4 cup of water. melt gelatin powder in it. Let it cool.

Step 3 : In a blender , Blend all the ingredients together –  melted butter , condensed milk, cream, whipping cream powder, milk and gelatin .


Step 4 : Pour it into a pudding tray. Place it in refrigerator . Let it set well.


Step 5 : garnish it with roasted caramelized nuts or crushed biscuits or chocolate shavings

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